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2021-11-16 18:40btl: unique_res improvementsMorel Bérenger1+17-6
2021-11-16 18:38btl: add string == and != operatorsMorel Bérenger2+38-0
2021-04-18 19:05all: improve ninja configurationMorel Bérenger1+6-6
2021-04-18 19:03all: adds commented filename on top of ninja filesMorel Bérenger4+4-0
2021-02-15 22:00fbmon: uses fnmatch + fixes + (some) cleanupMorel Bérenger3+83-90
2021-01-02 20:40Adds fbmon alphaMorel Bérenger6+1002-17
2021-01-11 03:19lmerge: improve help printingMorel Bérenger1+29-16
2021-01-11 03:18btl: new functions: term_ch_size and indent_txtMorel Bérenger2+82-0
2021-01-11 03:18all: no longer bother and just include stdioMorel Bérenger2+5-4
2021-01-03 14:11lmerge: small doc improvementMorel Bérenger1+4-0
2021-01-03 10:18add a rough template system (ninja/cpp)Morel Bérenger3+93-0
2021-01-03 09:53all: simplify build systemMorel Bérenger3+6-43
2021-01-03 09:39all: add a central '' fileMorel Bérenger6+33-31
2021-01-02 20:35lmerge: fix compilation error (wonder when it was added...)Morel Bérenger1+3-3
2021-01-02 20:34btl: updated setters to work with volatile cmd argMorel Bérenger1+10-10
2020-12-24 11:40btl: ungets now returns a size_tMorel Bérenger2+2-2
2020-12-24 11:38btl: added find_unescaped functionsMorel Bérenger1+24-0
2020-12-24 11:38btl: optparser can now alter cmdlineMorel Bérenger2+5-5
2020-12-18 11:33lmerge: fix not browsing arguments correctlyMorel Bérenger1+2-2
2020-12-18 11:32btl: optparser.cpp: fix SET_NO_VAL incorrectly returnedMorel Bérenger1+1-1
2020-12-10 14:37btl: empty_array() returns true if array is nullMorel Bérenger1+1-1
2020-12-06 20:57lmerge: fix iterating over bad variable (argv instead of arg)Morel Bérenger1+1-1
2020-12-03 16:27adds ungets(), based on ungetc()Morel Bérenger2+17-0
2020-11-30 16:36btl: adds vector::remain, ::real_size and ::appendMorel Bérenger1+32-0
2020-11-30 11:19improve in-source documentationMorel Bérenger6+55-4
2020-11-30 10:52embed license text into source files tooMorel Bérenger9+162-0
2020-08-21 07:42LD=CXX and AR=ar to reduce painMorel Bérenger1+4-2
2020-08-14 05:51code alignMorel Bérenger1+2-2
2020-08-14 05:36introduce my old unique_res<> templateMorel Bérenger2+124-2
2020-08-14 05:33disable unused C++ features in lmergeMorel Bérenger1+1-1
2020-08-14 05:30fix header dependencyMorel Bérenger1+2-2
2020-08-14 05:23fix lmerge.ninjaMorel Bérenger1+1-1
2020-08-14 04:45fix vector.hppMorel Bérenger1+7-2
2020-08-14 more readableMorel Bérenger1+5-2
2020-08-14 03:15add missing includeMorel Bérenger1+1-0
2020-08-14 03:07remove old MakefileMorel Bérenger1+0-33
2020-08-14 03:06add a template for ninja buildsMorel Bérenger1+33-0
2020-08-14 03:04add ninja build filesMorel Bérenger3+54-0
2020-08-14 02:58ignore build and .ninja* filesMorel Bérenger1+2-0
2020-08-14 02:57add missing includesMorel Bérenger1+2-0
2020-08-12 19:09fix inf.loop and not showing str starting with ctrl charMorel Bérenger1+3-1
2020-08-12 18:56typedef vector<char> string + helpersMorel Bérenger2+122-0
2020-08-12 18:45vector improvementsMorel Bérenger1+220-5
2020-08-12 18:42update lmerge's makefileMorel Bérenger1+1-1
2020-08-12 18:41opt_parser.hpp: show<char*>() now escapes ctrl charsMorel Bérenger1+3-1
2020-08-12 18:41add esc_fputs functionMorel Bérenger2+62-0
2020-08-12 18:12improve styleMorel Bérenger1+2-1
2020-08-12 17:29fix SET_VAL_IGN return when there is no valueMorel Bérenger1+1-1
2020-08-12 17:12fix using char** as a char*Morel Bérenger1+2-1
2020-06-26 15:51add STD_HELP define to reduce duplicated codeMorel Bérenger2+3-1
2020-06-26 15:16make optpaser.hpp less C-incompatibleMorel Bérenger3+45-6
2020-06-26 13:10move files into "subprojects"Morel Bérenger12+505-548
2020-06-26 13:08log.hpp => utils.hpp + improve empty_arrayMorel Bérenger3+45-42
2020-06-05 13:04switched license to Zlib license, because why notMorel Bérenger1+14-6
2020-05-30 14:05use helper macros for error/warn on arg parsingMorel Bérenger1+3-5
2020-05-30 14:04added helper macros for emiting argument parsing warn/errorsMorel Bérenger1+5-1
2020-05-30 14:02make code compatible with C++11/14Morel Bérenger1+1-1
2020-05-30 06:04improved README and manpageMorel Bérenger2+20-9
2020-05-30 05:07added an option to allow disabling cmdline args except --helpMorel Bérenger1+2-0
2020-05-30 02:59allow providing parameters as command-line parametersMorel Bérenger2+34-14
2020-05-30 02:44implemented cmdline option parsing and --helpMorel Bérenger5+425-16
2020-05-30 01:50updated TODO listMorel Bérenger1+0-1
2020-05-30 01:49moved source code and doc into own foldersMorel Bérenger4+2-2
2020-05-30 00:20fix value never readMorel Bérenger1+0-1
2020-05-30 00:19fix potential memory leakMorel Bérenger1+11-1
2020-05-30 00:19fix implicit cast in vectorMorel Bérenger1+6-1
2020-05-30 00:07reduce build size with vector implementation smaller than STL'sMorel Bérenger2+213-1
2020-02-26 15:36removed trailing spacesMorel Bérenger1+1-1
2020-02-26 08:32added install/uninstall targetsMorel Bérenger1+14-4
2020-02-26 06:59renamed the command lmerge to avoid a conflict with rcs merge binary (wonder if someone uses that though)Morel Bérenger6+364-362
2020-02-26 00:16fixed target all not being the 1st one in MakefileMorel Bérenger1+3-3
2020-02-25 23:28rewrote README fileMorel Bérenger2+36-32
2020-02-25 22:43use make for binary tooMorel Bérenger1+16-0
2020-02-25 19:52added .gitignore fileMorel Bérenger1+3-0
2020-02-25 19:51added a manpage (needs pandoc) and a Makefile to build itMorel Bérenger2+72-0
2020-02-25 16:47improved comments a bitMorel Bérenger1+2-1
2020-02-25 16:43fixed readme (tabs no longer expanded in example)Morel Bérenger1+2-2
2020-02-17 17:48preparing vector replacementMorel Bérenger1+7-5
2020-02-17 05:16wrote a small READMEMorel Bérenger1+39-0
2020-02-10 13:24added license fileMorel Bérenger1+9-0
2019-11-24 22:40added some tasksMorel Bérenger1+3-0
2019-05-14 03:55fixed reading memory past the endMorel Bérenger1+1-1
2019-05-14 03:54removed debugging messagesMorel Bérenger1+0-3
2019-05-14 03:54fixed a segfault when no FIELD_SEP are present on current lineMorel Bérenger1+1-1
2019-05-13 23:27removed useless call to strlenMorel Bérenger1+1-2
2019-05-13 23:25initial commit: lot of cleanup and tests to doMorel Bérenger1+281-0