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diff --git a/README b/README @@ -0,0 +1,39 @@ +This tool merges sequential entries if they have some fields with same values. + +It's only mandatory argument for now is the FIELDS environment variable, which +is used to know which fields are to be exact in order to be merged. +*All* fields must match, otherwise entries will not be merged. +Entries needs to be sorted on those fields in order to be merges. + +FIELD_SEP is an environment variable that allows one to define the list of +characters that will be considered as fields delimiters. Each character will be +a field delimiter (UTF-8 not supported for now). By default, field separators +are space (" ", 0x20) and horizontal tabulation ("\t", 0x09). + +Entries are defined in the environment variable ENTRY_SEP, and is the line feed +character ("\n", 0x0A) by default. This is not tested though, so it is probably +safer to stay with the default, which is anyway used by most if not all other +command-line tools. + +This is a work in progress tool, but it works for me. + +Example of usage: + +```sh +FIELD_SEP=": \t" FIELDS="1,3" ./merge <<EOF +0 foo:hello:1 +1 bar:hello:2 + 2:foo:world:3 + 2:bar:world:4 +EOF +``` + +This is a single file project, at least for now, so to use it, well, just use +your favorite C++ compiler and run the resulting binary with some path +information, for example: + +```sh +clang++ merge.cpp -o merge && FIELDS="1" ./merge < +``` + +A Makefile should be writen, someday. Same for a real man-page.